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Retrobulbar Hemorrhage Secondary to Peribulbar Anesthesia

Retrobulbar Hemorrhage Secondary to Peribulbar Anesthesia
Peribulbar anesthesia is safer than retrobulbar block. Anesthetic drugs are deposited within the orbit but outside the cone of recti. The injection was given at the junction between the outer thire and medial two third of the lower orbital rim (blue arrow). The needle was directed away from the eye, toward the floor of the orbit with the eye in primary gaze. This unfortunate patient develop retrobulbar hemorrhage due to inadvertent puncture of the inferior orbital vein. Periorbital hematoma in the inferior lid with associated conjunctival chemosis. The surgery was abandoned.
Tan Aik Kah, M.D., Universiti Malaysia Sarawak¦2, Kuching, Malaysia
Orbit -> Trauma (Injury)
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