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Bilateral Spontaneous subconjunctival orbital fat prolapse

Bilateral Spontaneous subconjunctival orbital fat prolapse
An adult male presented to us with bilateral swelling without any history of trauma. There was soft, mobile, pale yellow mass beneath the temporal bulbar conjunctiva of each eye.The overlying conjunctiva was mobile and neither mass had a visible posterior limit. Subconjunctival orbital fat prolapse is a benign entity characterized by orbital fat herniation through a dehiscence in Tenon's capsule, usually between the superior and lateral recti muscles. It is often associated with ocular trauma or surgery, although spontaneous cases have also been reported with a predilection for obese individuals. The tissue was located in the sub-Tenon’s space and continuous posteriorly with intraconal orbital fat and they were excised.
Faustin, Ngounou, M.D., ACHA¦2, BAFOUSSAM, CAMEROON
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Tenon dehiscence
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