Atlas of Ophthalmology

Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy NAION (Colour Image, FFA)

Optic Nerve -> Optic Neuropathies
Patient: 56 years old of age, male, BCVA RA 0.3, LA:1.0 (snellen chart) General Medical History: diabetes, systemic hypertension. Ocular Medical History: right eye decrease of vision and inferior visual field loss, no associated systemic symptoms, no pain with eye movements , no elevation in erythrocytic sedimentation rate (ESR 15 mm), . Methods: Colour Fundus Photography, Fluorescein Angiography. Colour Fundus: optic disc swelling in inferior region, bleedings. Fluorescein Angiography: delayed venous filling especially in the inferior sector, late phase leakage of dye from the optic nerve head.

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