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Effect of Steroids in Ocular Myositis (Cranial CT, Colour Images Anterior Segment)

Orbit -> Non-Infectious Inflammatory Disease
Patient: 49 years of age, male, BCVA 1.0 at OD, 0.3 at OS, IOP 16/17 mmHg. Ocular Medical History: since 5 days pain of OS, decrease of vision, diplopia, and lid edema. After systemic application of steroids (Decortin H 150mg for 4 days) increase of vision up to 1.0 and normalization of lid edema General Medical History: empty. Major Complant: pain of OS, diplopia. Purpose: to present effect of steroids in ocular myositis. Methods: Cranial Computer Tomography, Colour Images Anterior Segment (before and after therapy with steroids). Findings: Cranial Computer Tomography (before therapy): thickened musculus rectus superior in OS. Colour Images Anterior Segment (before therapy with steroids): lid edema. Colour Images Anterior Segment (after therapy with steroids): regular lid, no edema. Discussion: Fraser et al. (1) published a review. He summarized that ocular myositis is an idiopathic orbital inflammatory disease which frequently manifests with orbital pain and diplopia. The non-infective non-specific orbital inflammation has no identifiable local or systemic causes. Orbital myositis may be an IgG4-related disease. Literature: Fraser CL, Skalicky SE, Gurbaxani A, McCluskey P. Ocular myositis. Curr Allergy Asthma Rep. 2013 Jun;13(3):315-21.

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