Atlas of Ophthalmology


Canaloplasty (Step 10: Tying 10-0 Prolene Suture to the Distal Tip)
Canaloplasty (Step 11: Looping the Sutures through Schlemm’s Canal)
Canaloplasty (Step 12: Tightening of the Sutures under Tension on a Soft Eye)
Canaloplasty (Step 13: Final Tightening of the Sutures)
Canaloplasty (Step 14: Watertight Closure of Superficial Flap)
Canaloplasty (Step 15: Intraoperative Examination by High Resolution UBM)
Canaloplasty (Step 1: Corneal Traction Suture)
Canaloplasty (Step 2: Limbal Peritomy)
Canaloplasty (Step 3: Superficial Parabolic Flap)
Canaloplasty (Step 4: Deep Sclerectomy)
Canaloplasty (Step 5: Preparation of Descemet’s Window and Excision of a Deep Flap)
Canaloplasty (Step 6: Excision after Preperation of Decemet Window)
Canaloplasty (Step 7: Viscodilatation of Schlemm’s Canal)
Canaloplasty (Step 8: Viscodilation of Schlemm’s Canal)
Canaloplasty (Step 9: 360° Catheterization of Schlemm’s Canal)
Coaxial 1.8 mm Microincision Cataract Surgery (MICS) with 23g Chromovitrectomy and Intraocular Foreign Body Removal
Implantation of Black IOL in Mature Cataract in Blind Eye in M.Coats
Improvement of Outflow Facility by Anterior Segment Stent (iStent)
Pars Plana Vitrectomy and Removal of a Foreign Body after a Work-related Open-globe Injury with a Rupture of the Crystalline Lens and an Intraocular Foreign Body (Video)
Phaco/IOL of Juvenile Zonular Cataract (Part 1: Intraoperative Inspection)
Phaco/IOL of Juvenile Zonular Cataract (Part 2: Irrigation)
Phaco/IOL of Juvenile Zonular Cataract (Part 3: Rhexis of Posterior Capsule)
Phaco/IOL of Juvenile Zonular Cataract (Part 4: Insertion of IOL in Capsular Bag)
Phaco/IOL without Visco with Iris Hooks
Phakoemulsifikation der subluxierten Linse
Regular Cataract-Surgery_Capsulorrhexis
Regular Cataract-Surgery_Hydrodissection & Phacoemulsification (Phaco)
Regular Cataract-Surgery_IOL-implantation
Regular Cataract-Surgery_Irrigation and aspiration (I&A)
Regular Cataract-Surgery_Paracentesis
Regular Phaco/IOL without Visco

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