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Serous Retinal Detachment in Preeclampsia (Colour Photography Posterior Segment, SD-OCT)

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Patient: 35 years of age, female, BCVA 1.0 at OD, 0.5 at OS, IOP 16/15 mmHg. Ocular Medical History: blurred vision in left eye in perinatal period. General Medical History: in 32th week of pregnancy severe preeclampsia, pregnancy was terminated by cesarean section at 32 gestational weeks. Purpose: to present choriodal changes in preeclampsia. Methods: Colour Photography Posterior Segment, SD-OCT Heidelberg Engineering. Findings: Colour Photography Posterior Segment in OD and OS: serous retinal detachment, retinal hemorrhage. SD-OCT in OD and OS: subretinal fluid, hyporeflective area between retinal pigment epithelium and neurosensory retina, equivalent to serous retinal detachment. Discussion: Preeclampsia is associated with acute increases in blood pressure leading to a choroidopathy. Nonperfused areas of the choriocapillaris cause changes of overlying retinal pigment epithelium, resulting in neurosensory detachments. 1, 2. Literature: (1) Dewilde E, Huygens M, Cools G, Van Calster J.Hypertensive choroidopathy in pre-eclampsia: two consecutive cases. Ophthalmic Surg Lasers Imaging Retina. 2014 Jul-Aug;45(4):343-6. (2) Bartczak A, Kraśnicki P, Urban R, Laudaiński T, Mariak Z. Bilateral serous retinal detachment in preeclampsia--a case report. Klin Oczna. 2014;116(1):21-3.

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