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Solar Retinopathy During Sun Exposure (Colour image, OCT)

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73 years of age, male, VA bcva RA 0.6, LA 0.8. Solar retinopathy came from prolonged exposure to solar radiation, viewing of a solar eclipse in the age of 12 years. Symptoms are asymmetric and include blurred vision. Solar retinopathy is characterized by involvement of the outer retinal layers, a visual distortion and a small yellow or red foveal lesion in patients with a history of sun gazing. Optical coherence tomography delineates the retinal injury site. The injured eye demonstrates the characteristic excavation in the outer hyperreflective layer corresponding to the retinal complex. OCT demonstrates abnormal reflectivity at the outer foveal retina, with interruption of the inner high reflective layer corresponding to the junction between the photoreceptor inner and outer segments. Literature: Chen KC, Jung JJ, Aizman A. High definition spectral domain optical coherence tomography findings in three patients with solar retinopathy and review of the literature. Open Ophthalmol J. 2012;6:29-35

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