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Traumatic Maculopathy and Subretinal Hemorrhage Following Air Bag Trauma (Colour Image, OCT, MRI)

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To present a case of ocular posterior segment injury associated with airbag inflation. The airbag-associated posterior segment ocular trauma was induced by impact with fully deployed airbag. Female subject, 55 years of age, BCVA 0.1, IOP 18 mmHg. Ocular findings: Subconjunctival hemorrhage and lid ecchymosis were present. Fundus examination showed vitreous hemorrhage, traumatic maculopathy, and blood in the subretinal space. OCT (Spectralis, HE, Heidelberg) depicted subretinal hemorrhage. MRI showed a preorbital hemorrhage. In general airbag-associated trauma to the eyes is a significant cause of morbidity due to motor vehicle accidents. The injuries are generally caused by blunt or sharp object, abrasion, or chemical injury. Pearlman et al. (1) found in a literature review, that damage to virtually every ocular structure has been described. Injuries to both the anterior segment and posterior segment have been reported. The cornea was the most commonly injured ocular structure (21.6%). Hyphema was the second most common ocular insult (17.1%), mostly due to contusion from airbag contact. It was found vitreous and retinal hemorrhage in 9.9%, retinal tears and detachments in 5.7%, commotio retinae in 5.3%, and angle recession in 4.2%. Literature: (1) Pearlman JA, Au Eong KG, Kuhn F, Pieramici DJ. Airbags and eye injuries: epidemiology, spectrum of injury, and analysis of risk factors. Surv Ophthalmol. 2001 Nov-Dec;46(3):234-42.

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