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Registration and submission for Keyword-Associated Information in Atlas of Ophthalmology

The information which are signed with a * must be filled.
Please write a comma behind every keyword to sign them as a keyword.
Publication occur after review and confirmation through the publisher

Explanation for Keyword-Associated Information in Atlas of Ophthalmology

Keyword-associated information is a spezial informationservice from "Atlas of Opthalmolgy", which offers more information for spezific Keywords or for spezific pictures fromt atlas.

Spezific Keyword-associatetd information could be in commission from interested parties. The publisher of the "Atlas of Ophthalmology" is verifying the quality and will publish the catchwords- and picture-associated information. This informationservice is available for the languages german, english, spanish, chinese, arabic and russian.

Registration and layout of the Keyword-associated information

Interested customer could register themself on the Atlas of Opthalmology by clicking on the Field with the brown background which says "Keyword-assicated Information". On this new loaded site you could enter the information, the redirect link and the keywords in the contemplated fields.

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